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Google Analytics Integration: $ 150 (one-time)

Allows client to track number of website visits, visitor demographics like age, sex, location and any other info Google has on its site visitors

Onpage SEO: $175 (one-time)

Optimizing content ON the website like adding meta titles and descriptions, adding keywords, tagging images with alt text and creating deep-links for all pages



Offpage SEO: $250 (one-time)

 Optimizing content OUTSIDE the website, where we do a location and competitor analysis to generate a list of industry-specific backlinks (other websites that feature your site) and local SEO directories like yelp, tom tom, factual, yellow page, thumbtack etc.


Ongoing SEO: $250per month

Posting to your blog on the website twice a month, reverifying onpage and offpage SEO is up to date every month

Facebook Management (Plus posts twice a month): $350 per month

Includes setting up your unique FB URL, optimizing your audience, creating a call-to-action button and posting once a week

Instagram Management (twice a month): $225 per month

Same as above but for instagram

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